Faith Makes Everything Possible

Faith Makes Everything Possible

"Just as the most beautiful rainbows are born from rain,
the most beautiful lessons are born from pain."


I'm probably tired of everything, asking myself when will everything end. Physically, mentally and spiritually drained, the weak heart of mine feeling unease over the thoughts on the future. Hurdling over obstacles after obstacles, it felt like as if nothing good will come.


"Everything will fall into place, be patient little heart."


All Praises To Him, it has been a year plus since I've stepped into the working world, after 3 interesting years in polytechnic. And I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that school days were the carefree times and you'd only appreciate it fully when you've experienced the adulthood of the working industry. There would be days I'd dragged my feet to my 9-5 job, solitary confinement in my own work cubicle. Already thinking of rushing back home when I just got into my office seat. Already thinking of the weekend when its only Monday.

It then comes to a realization that there's more to life than just work, right?

Can I be happier than this?

If you have known about me personally, you'd probably heard about 'Hana Olivia FS' before. An online shop I started together with 'A' during the school days in 2014. (that makes me sounds old...) Well, we mentioned it before here!



"One day you will thank Him for the door that closed.
You'll be grateful it didn't work out."


And as time goes by, indeed, slowly everything falls into place. I had the opportunity to revive back my passion by renaming it 'Tashkila' (will share the meaning on our next post hehe). If what you do is what you love, it will give clarity, drive, and happiness to all aspects of your life. If it is meaningful, you’ll be more likely to stick with it in the long run, which means you’re more likely to be successful insyAllah.


Of course, doing something that you love with someone you love makes everything else more special. It wasn't smooth sailing or easy that I thought it would be but with faith, it makes everything possible. Embrace the journey that you have now. Life is not just about 'I' but it's about the people surrounding us. Be the kind of person who brings hope and smiles into the lives of others when they feel helpless. Because when you help someone, you are helping yourself too.


Always remember:
No matter which situation
you’re in right now.

He chose it for you.
Don’t be sad,
have faith.

Allah knows best
And He will give you the best,
even if it takes time.

Be thankful for everything,
Say Alhamdulillah.


Till we meet again <3





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